Maa Durga Machelmata Sthan
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The Maa Durga Sthan popularly known as Machelmata Sthan derived its name from the village Machel where the temple is located. The village Machel is located in the district Kishtwar of Jammu and Kashmir (India).
In 1834, Jorawar Singh had sought blessings of Maa Durga at Machel before advancing to Laddakh in 1834. Zorawar Singh had no trouble in crossing the mountain ranges and entering Ladakh through the source of the Suru River where his 5000 men defeated an army of local Botis. After his miraculous victory he became faithful devotee of Maa Durga.
Maa Durga is supposed to present in 'sakshat roop' in the Temple Of Machel.
Many stories of supernatural happennings are heard from the pilgrims. Maataji blesses the people who come to the shrine with pure heart and devotion.
Machel village is surrounded by the beautiful hills, glaciers and tributaries to the holy river Chenab (Chadrabhaga). One can reach the village by foot from the town Gulabgarh. The total foot journey from Gualbgarh to the Shrine is about 32 Kms. Porters are also available to carry baggages and chidren. It usually takes 2 days and 1 night stay to reach the Shrine. The night journey can not be done because there are no electricity poles along the way.
The villages that come on the way are Tatai, Massu, Garh, Kandhel, Mau, Chishot. One can stay in the village in the night. VIllagers happily arrange the food and shelter for the pilgrims.
Distance from Jammu to the town Gulabgarh about 290 Kms. The bus journey takes 10 hrs apprx. from the Jammu city.  The distance from Ramban is around 197 Km. Cab service is also available from Katra and Jammu.
The temple is open round the year. But Chhadi Yatra is organised in the month of August every year. Thousands of people visit the shrine during this period.
Helicopter service to Machel is also available from Jammu and the base camp Gulabgarh during this period.
The best time for pilgrimage is during the Chhadi yatra.
It is advised not to trek in the month of December, January and February due to heavy snowfall.
During Chadi Yatra, the Government of Jammu & Kashmir provides tents, medicines and other basic amenties. Many Langers are also arranged roadside to provide free food for the pilgrims.
Upon reaching the shrine, the pilgrims pray the Maa Durga and many narrate to have a supernaturnal experience.
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