Map & Directions

Machel Mata Shrine
PO Gulabgarh,
Distt. Kishtwar,
Jammu & Kashmir (India)
Directions from Jammu:
The geographical location is 33°25'20.2"N 76°20'35.9"E.
This place is towards North-East of the Jammu city. The base camp Gulabgarh can be reached by road from Jammu. Gulabgarh is about 290 KMs from Jammu. From Gulabgrah one has to trek for 32 KMs to reach the Maa Chandi Shrine in Machel. The journey is a nice experience.
Helicopter service is available in the month of August only from Gulabgarh (base camp) to Machel Helipad.
One can also avail helicopetr service from Jammu, but that will be costly, also one will miss many natural landcapes.
From Gulabgarh to Machel village trek during daytime only. One may get lost if trekking in night.
Better to hire a pithu (kulli) for your luggae and small children. He will act as a guide as well.
From Gulabgrah to Machel village it may take around 10 hours for a good trekker with very light luggage.
But if one is trekking with children, women and older person the jouney may take around 20 hours. Then break the journey at Massu or Chasoti VIllage in evening. Request the villagers for shelter and they will happily provide you with very nominal charge. Stay for the night and then start again next day.
It is also advised; not to trek in the month of December, January and February due to incessant snowfall. One may get lost or trapped on the way.

Durga Sthan, Machel, Gulabgarh, Jammu